Friendship Day is celebrated by Americans every first Sunday of August. The international version of this holiday is observed on July 30 this year. Regardless of which Friendship Day you choose to participate in, you can seize the occasion to send cards or spend time with new and old friends.

Friendship Day Cigar

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If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend, consider a cigar. Part of being a true cigar aficionado is sharing your passion with others. Consider the following methods for sharing cigars on Friendship Day.

  • Bombing – This practice involves shipping rare cigars to a friend or fellow smoker without announcing it. The surprise package usually contains rare and exquisite cigars from the bomber’s private humidor.
  • Cigar party – Commonly known as a herf, these gatherings are an excuse for people to unite in the love of fine cigars. The herf could be held in a home or in our Phoenix cigar bar. (We welcome herfs.) People can bring their own cigars or purchase them at a cigar bar.
  • Trading – The most common way of sharing cigars is by trading a cigar from one’s collection in exchange for another cigar from the collection of a friend. Trading is often done with cigars of the same monetary value. However, preference plays an important role, too. If you have an expensive cigar that you don’t love, you can trade it for a cheaper one that you enjoy more. Cost is only one aspect of a cigar’s profile.
  • Paying it forward – Also known as “the pass,” this method of sharing is organized by a cigar lover who acts as the host. The host starts with a box of cigars, usually a rare variety that is not available from regular commercial sources. The box of cigars will be sent to the first member on the list of invitees. He or she will pick out a couple of cigars, replace them with others, and send the package to the next member. The pattern repeats itself as more people partake from, and add to, the original selection.

Sharing cigars is a fulfilling and relaxing way to celebrate Friendship Day. Join us at Torch Cigar bar in Phoenix, Arizona, and bring a friend.