In addition to family, it feels good to know that there is one group of people who you can always rely on; your friends. In recognition of the recent International Friendship Day, here are six essential reasons why friends play a significant role in your life.

Significant Role of Friends

1. They lift your spirits up. There are times that you feel down. It just happens. One of the things that friends do best is to cheer you up.

2. Similar characteristics. Being human, you have a need to be in the company of someone who can give you a lift and make you feel comfortable. The similar likes and dislikes that friends offer you help provide that comfort.

3. You get to explore different things. While you have similarities with friends, they also compliment you with opposites. Friends are always available to share many things with you, including differences or exposing you to new lifestyles, foods, preferences, events, etc.

4. Exchange uninhibited ideas and opinions. Since friends can share new things with you, you, too, can share things with them. One of the things that you can do with your closest friends is to share your thoughts, concerns, fears, and goals in life. This is one of the essential roles of a friend.

5. Always happy. Being happy is one of the things that you will experience with a friend. Being around them gives you joy. Sometimes, a little chit-chat time with them is all you need to put life into perspective.

6. Friends prolong your life. With all of the benefits that a friend provides, some studies suggest that you’ll live longer, too.

A true friend will always have a positive effect on you.