National Workaholics Day is observed every July 5. The day is dedicated to those of us who just can’t seem to break away from work. When we are in workaholic mode, we may find ourselves leaving early to get to the office before dawn, skipping lunch, and staying late in order to stay on top of our tasks. We may find it hard to get off the proverbial treadmill and may even feel uncomfortable when we don’t have dozens of things to fill every hour.

Take a Load off for a Workaholic Day

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The problem with being a workaholic is that it may cause us to lose focus, even as we attempt to keep ourselves busy. We may be so anxious to tend to urgent matters that we find ourselves neglecting the truly important things in life. Being a workaholic may actually cause us to be inefficient because we become so focused on being busy and productive all the time that we lose sight of wise time management.

Workaholics may find it difficult to delegate tasks to fellow workers. They may also struggle to stay organized because they take on more work than they can properly sequence. Workaholics may suffer from chronic stress because they put too much pressure on themselves. While a little tension in our life can spur us to action, constant stress is unhealthy and may result in different types of illnesses, including mental health problems.
Workaholics should step back and slow down a bit. They need to learn how to maintain a healthy work-life balance. They should give high priority to life outside the workplace—not just life within it.

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