For the cigar aficionado, there are some accessories that make smoking a better experience. Various accessories serve different purposes. However, there are two cigar accessories that stand out.

Important Accessories for Cigars

Cigar Lighters

Lighters are the most important accessory for smokers. Obviously, you cannot smoke a cigar without lighting them up. There are lighters that are specially made for cigars. While you can use a standard lighter on cigars, it is not recommended.

The torch lighter uses butane gas much like cigarette lighters but the flame is much stronger, more consistent, and it blows a bright blue flame.

To maximize your cigar smoking experience, lighting a cigar must be done in a slow and sure manner. It is unlike a cigarette which you simply plop in your mouth and light at the end. With a cigar, you need to fire up your lighter, then, after you cut the tip off, you take the cigar in one hand and bring it near the fire. Next, you need to rotate the cigar between your fingers to slowly roast the edges.

By doing this, you are building the heat around the cigar’s edges. The word to remember is “building.” After a few swirls, put the butt end in your mouth and puff while rotating. Once the cigar is ignited, look at the burning end and see if it is lit evenly. If not, roast the part in question.

Cigar Cutters

Cigar cutters are just as important as lighters. There are several types of cigar cutters; the first type is the guillotine. The nice thing about this cutter is that it cuts from both sides of the cigar for an even cut. These cigar cutters are sharp and should be handled with care.

The punch cutter, on the other hand, punches a hole in the cigar and twists the end off from it. Sometimes, these cutters do not create an even cut. However, the advantage of these cigar cutters is their portability, including the ability to attach one to your keychain.

Enjoying a cigar is a time-honored tradition. You can enjoy cigars at home even with just these two accessories in hand. However, if you want a deeper cigar experience, come and see us at Torch Cigar Bar. We’ll share our in-depth knowledge of cigar flavors, strengths, drink pairing, and more so that you can get the most out of your smoke.